Ontario and Health

Ontario is one of Canada's fastest growing economies- Ontario has some of the strongest economic opportunities. Both in technology, finance, banking, and manufacturing and industrial areas- Ontario is fastly growing. There are many different industries in ontario’s growth- from mining and agriculture to technology companies- Ontario has them all. Ontario is set to grow by approximately 10% year over year economically. Growth in Ontario is vastly increasing in comparison to the declining resource dependant oil rich provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. There are dangerous areas of work in this industry- especially in the oil fields- which are deemed inherently dangerous jobs. Ontario has a number of organizations designed to help protect us against dangerous workplaces, such as the committee training for health and safety . There are a lot of different extremely dangerous jobs available on the market- things like helicopter pilot, elevator technician, and alligator farming.

Working safely on the job is extremely important because ultimately, a safe work space is more important than anything else- everyone wants to go home safe at the end of the day. There’s no point to working at challenging, dirty, dangerous job if you get killed doing it.

You need to make sure that you and those you work with are properly trained up and ready for a work day. Nobody can be drunk in the morning, or on drugs, or really tired because these things can go badly really really quickly. Lots of jobs require fall protection due to working at heights, if you need working at heights training, visit PSHSA.

It is important to ensure that your business is up to date on the most recent ISO standards and federal/provincial legislations because if you are out of date or have issues regarding your legal workforce you can get slapped with a serious lawsuit.

There are a number of strong ways to ensure your employees are safe and properly secured in an environment of the workplace- things like the following: ensure handrails are properly secured as well as having properly formatted labels and safely handling hazardous products.

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