Family Activities In Chicago - Understanding The Intricacies

What are a few things to do Chicago, Illinois? There is so much left to see and do here. There are a series of parks, museums, attractions, sports, and tours to keep you occupied. Did you know that Chicago has 552 parks with about 7300 acres of land for it? Check out the well known Grant Park or the new Millennium Park. This city is also known for its sports, concerts, and theatre stadiums. Several sports teams reside here including the baseball teams of Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox and it goes from the Blackhawks hockey team to the Bears football team. Rich in ethnic diversity, it brings out the cultures to be shared in different parts. From the food to the museums, Chicago has plenty to experience. From the Field Museum to the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, there is much to see at these museums. The energy of the town of Chicago will make anyone feel like they want to have fun or get things done, even without going to a sports arena or a museum.

Everyone loves pizza, right? But all that delicious, cheesy goodness doesn't sell itself. A global brand like Pizza Hut puts careful thought into its marketing campaigns, from connecting with customers on social media to reinventing the way people think about ordering pizza. Kane: I come from Chicago, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the center of the pizza universe. People are very passionate about pizza there. For me and a lot of families out there, it has been a center ...

The Best Part Of Family Activities In Chicago

In 1673 French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet passed through what is now Chicago. Chicago's first European settler was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a fur trader from Santo Domingo of French-African descent. He built the first settlement in 1779 at the outlet of the Chicago River. The construction of the Illinois and Michigan Canal provided a connection between Chicago and the Mississippi and fueled population growth in the region in the 1830s. In 1837 Chicago was incorporated and had a population of 4, 170. The city became a transportation hub in 1848 when the Illinois and Michigan Canal was completed as well as the first locomotive arrived. Chicago was likewise known for its stockyards which served the nation between 1865 and 1971.

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