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I have many wonderful memories of the great north-western portion of the country. Some of the most memorable of these was all the great activities that were available during the heavy snow season. Winter seemed to transform our little town into a wonderland of outdoor possibilities. That first good snowfall meant it was time to polish up the sleds, pull out the skis and snowboards, and prepare for endless hours of fun in the snow. There is nothing more thrilling than racing down an icy slope with the wind in your face or skating across a frozen lake, unless, it is racing down a mountain trail with either of the many ski instructor courses that are being offered in Canada, New Zealand and France.

If you're interested in a snow activity, but don't want to tread the oft beaten track, then snowboarding is the right recreational activity for you. In this sport, there is a snowboard attached to the rider's feet and the rider has to descend a slope covered with snow. Since it is primarily a winter sport, you'll be in a position to practice this sport only when the mountains are laden with snow. In other words, it can not be for about three months after the year. Alternatively, you'll have to look around for facilities, where you can practice the sport all through the year. Although you're looking to take it up as a recreational activity, there are professional snowboarders as well.

Classes range from 2-11 weeks and are taught by some of the more experienced skiers in the world, through schools with over 10 years' experience. Students will enjoy these classes for a number of reasons, some wish to fine tune their current skills, while others are looking for a complete career change. Whatever the reason, there are no boring classrooms here. Learning to be a qualified instructor means most of your training will be devoted on some of the more famous slopes in the world, t<p>Of course there are many options for cruise ship vacationers to enhance their cruise such as paying extra for shore excursions, fancy dinners or drinks, or for extending your trip before or after the cruise by staying in a local resort in the embarkation or debarkation port city.&nbsp; These enhancements also extend to operations on the ship as well.&nbsp; Some people enjoy going to the art auctions or spa facilities each of which typically cost extra on upper part of the cruise ship ticket price.&nbsp; Some others like shopping at the duty free store for discounts that cannot be found at home.</p><p align='center'><iframe width='480' height='360' src='http://www.youtube.com/embed/nnuoVOcvq-0' frameborder='0' allowFullScreen></iframe></p>aught by instructors who'll guide you through every process, right up to the last testing. 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Being in demand by a few of the finest establishments in the world is the greatest accomplishment one can imagine. It could be yours. Resorts from all parts of the world are always in need of expert instructors willing to provide their skills, and those that form the best in their fields are highly paid, and always in demand. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than being able to share what you enjoy, with others. If you enjoy the snow and love to travel, then being a graduate of one these great ski instructor courses may be the solution to your dream. Why not make an investment in your future, sign up today and be on your path to a better tomorrow.

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