Sedentary Lifestyle Diseases

According to a ratio of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, during the last twenty years there has been an alarming epidemic increase in obesity in the United States. Its report of the year 2009 says that only Colorado and the District of Columbia had a prevalence rate of obesity less than 20%. All over the world it's on the increase causing various fatal diseases. Sedentary lifestyle of the present era is one of the main causes of this increase.

This is the most significant risk factor in favour of children and teenagers along with adults. Obesity has grown to epidemic proportions in developed countries. Obesity increases your risk of contracting heart disease to a large extent. Obese people put a great deal of pressure on their heart. These eventually leads to cardiac diseases.

Smokers are two to four times more likely to gain a heart disease than non smokers. This is a major cause of cardiac arrest amongst younger urban population. Smoking combined with drinking alcohol is a lethal combination and a perfect recipe for developing heart disease amongst other health disorders. Even passive smoking can increase your risk of contracting a cardiovascular disorder.

Today modern man's brain has to cooperate more than his other areas of the body. That makes him more sedentary. Humanity has taken up a way of living without much physical activity. At every stage of his life, either a child or an adult, he is more a couch potato, do not participate in physical activities or exercises. Advance in technology and inventions of machineries have changed the lifestyle of modern man, making him more sedentary. The term 'sedentary life ' is often used by professionals or medical world to refer to a lifestyle among many people in highly developed countries that doesn't afford them opportunities for physical activity. This type of living has been drawn up because of the impact of modern forms of entertainment such as television, computer programs, and video games. Along with such inactive types of entertainment, modern working style also has become more sedentary with advanced equipment and machineries.

This trait is accelerating as our modern world becomes less and less active. One of the main causes is the disappearance of muscle tissue that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. Muscle atrophy (shrinking and weakening) downgrades the entire body and its systems and we become more vulnerable to disease and physical injury.

Since sedentary lifestyle is blamed because the number one culprit in causing obesity, serious researches are going on around the world to discover the modifiable risk factors for a changed lifestyle of weight control. Numerous studies have observed that there is a significant inverse cross-sectional relationship between BMI and a sedentary lifestyle. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height and BMI of a person provides reliable information of body fat that may give rise to health problems.

Modern sedentary lifestyle has affected very much the health of children through their sedentary entertainment. The social and psychological issues of childhood obesity, caused mostly because this sedentary lifestyle can be viewed even more intrusive on the child's life than the physical. Childhood is a critical time for the preparation of self-esteem and therefore the psychological issues faced by an overweight child are very serious on its characters and social life.

Dr. Hu points out that watching television is more strongly associated with obesity than other sedentary behaviors. He states that obesity is caused by watching television since it reduces energy expenditure by limiting time that children can spend doing physical activities. Another reason he points out for weight gaining by this sedentary lifestyle is the habit of snacking. Watching television tends to the custom of eating snacks, especially with the inundation of junk food enticements.

One of the activities that cause sedentary lifestyle is watching television for extended time. This activity is the most frequent reason why many people are stuck to sedentary lifestyle and finally lead to obesity. If you cannot avoid watching television the best thing that you will be able to do is to establish a time table of watching television. The first step you need to adopt is to restrict the time and gradually reduce the time intended for watching television. The time that you spare from watching television can be utilized in doing some workouts and become active.

You can also change sedentary lifestyle by doing exercises. In this option you can have the opportunity to use the spare time you save from watching television and indulge in doing exercises. Ten minutes exercise everyday can be incorporated in your daily routine. Aside from changing lifestyle it is also the most effective way to get rid the extra weight.

Researches of Japanese doctors Furukawa Y, Toji C, Fukui M, Kazumi T, and Date C. of Nara Women's University reveal that despite the fact that the sedentary group subjects had lower BMIs, they had significantly higher body fat percentages. The ankle systolic blood pressure and ankle brachial index (ABI) were significantly higher in the physically active subjects. The results confirmed that the excessive accumulation of body fat, including visceral fat, was higher in the sedentary people and, therefore, it is necessary in order to increase their energy expenditure by regular exercise and consume a diet that corresponds only to their dietary requirements.

Dr. Deborah Young-Hyman, behavioral psychologist with the Georgia Prevention Institute, says that sedentary lifestyle, or a low amount of physical activity, influences parenting stress of the mothers. She says that stress is associated with weight and overweight has much to be done in behavior changes and emotional life.

In short, the impact of sedentary lifestyle on one's body weight is really great. Sedentary lifestyle makes you ingest a great deal of calories and not really burning any of them. These calories not burnt are deposited in your body as excess fat which is only the beginning of hundreds of health problems.

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